Williamstown Fabricators has prided itself through the years on its ability to introduce new techniques and innovations to the industry and will continue to pioneer the way for future development

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Fabrication Specialities

Structural Steel

All forms of structural steel for buildings, towers and large fabricated plate girders

Large Ducts

Fabricated large rectangular and round duct, primarily for fossil fuel electric power plants utilizing carbon steels, stainless steels and nickel alloys.

Stacks and Stack Liners

Self-supporting and guyed stacks and stack liners for concrete and structural towers

Coal Handling Facilities

Trusses, chute work, conveyor modules, head and tail stands and bents.

Steel Mill Components and Miscellaneous

Fabrication of bustle pipes, ducts, blast furnace parts, expansion joints, ladders - platforms - stairs - hand railing and all forms of miscellaneous fabrication.

Refinery and Chemical Plant Equipment

Towers, storage tanks, bins, hoppers, large diameter pipe and miscellaneous weldments for use in process and storage.

Scrubbers, Absorbers and Related Components

F.G.D. Systems, Vessels and Tanks of both the wet and dry types; assembled and shipped in large sections where feasible or shipped in knocked down form as required.

Quality Assurance

Williamstown Fabricators maintains a complete quality assurance program. Skilled personnel develop procedures to ensure the highest level of performance to meet the stringent code requirements as well as the client's specifications.

Changes in environmental controls have prompted a need for further development of new exotic metals.

We have worked with manufacturers to help select metals and develop welding procedures to minimize the heat input into parent metals for better strength and corrosion resistance when in operation.

The company continually experiments with new procedures, materials and innovations in an effort to stay ahead of the increasing demands of our ever changing industry.