Williamstown Fabricators, Inc. was established 
in 1984 with the commitment to provide the 
highest quality of work with deliveries based on 
your requirements. During the past several years, 
Williamstown Fabricators has increased its role 
in the supply of air pollution abatement equipment 
such as: 

       stacks and stack liners, 
       scrubbers and precipitator casings, 
      ductwork and baghouses, 
      as well as our standard fabrication of 
        support and access steel

The company has prided itself through the years 
on its ability to introduce new techniques and 
innovations to the industry and will continue to 
pioneer the way for future development.

In these Web pages, we have tried to depict the 
diversification of the company to instill upon the 
customer our capabilities to handle any job 
requirements with speed and quality.

We sincerely hope you will consider our services
whenever the need arises.

    Randall C. Bell

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Custom Steel Plate and Structural Fabrication